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By khairu.sobandi | April 29, 2010

Khairu R. Sobandi

Khairu R. Sobandi

Personal details

Date of Birth : February 19, 1982, Kuningan, West Java, Indonesia
Status : Single
Nationality : Indonesian
Office : Jl. Prof. Dr. H.R. Boenyamin 993, Purwokerto, Central Java Indonesia 53122
Education and qualification
Under graduate education (2000 –2004) : Graduated from Political Science Department at Jenderal Soedirman University (UNSOED) Purwokerto, Central Java, Indonesia
Post-graduate education (2006-2009) : Graduated from Double Degree Program of the University of Wyoming, Wyoming, USA with honoured and Diponegoro University on Master of Arts in Political Science Department focusing on nationalism, ethnicity, political violence, conflict and war.  Thesis title: Symbolic Politics and the Acehnese Ethnic War in Indonesia.
Work experiences
January 2005 – now As Lecturer in Political Science Department of Jenderal Soedirman University
May 2009 – now As Chief Director of Political Science Laboratory.
May 2009 – now As Editor in Chief of Swara Politika, Development and Politics Journal.

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